Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jenny's wedding day

My sister Jenny got married at this Friday. She said she would never, and I mean never get married, but she finally met a great guy and they got hitched. We are so excited for her and Dennis. My nephew Brett was very excited to get a step-dad. I didn't get many pictures because I guess my battery is old and needs to be replace. It would keep turning off. I was lucky if it would stay on to get any pictures. So frustrating. But it was a wonderful day!

Dana, Ricky, Mom, Aunt Jo, Grump, and Pop

Mom, Jenny, Jenny's new step-daughter Savannah, and me

4th of July weekend

We went to San Angelo July 3rd for Chad's friend Big Jon's wedding. It was actually in Christoval but nobody's probably heard of that. Then we shopped the next day in Angleo and met up with Andrew and Hannah who were also in town. Then drove all the way back home in time to drive to Comanche and go to our friends Cody and January's house to watch fireworks. Their yard is right next to where the shoot the fireworks so we had a front row seat. Chad took like a million pictures of the fireworks. I told him to just watch and enjoy but he had to take a picture of almost every one. He's so goofy, but that's my Chato for you! A long a busy weekend, but a really fun one.

at lunch with friends in San Angelo

at Big Jon's wedding